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Aeromotive A1000 Adjustable EFI Regulator (2) -6 Inlet/-6 Return

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This next generation A1000 EFI regulator features legendary Aeromotive flow and pressure control in?a new body, profiled for reduced size and weight.? This new, patented design features a deep, bright-dip black anodized finish on the cap and base, with AN spec ORB (o-ring boss) style inlet/outlet and return ports. In addition to the aesthetic enhancements, this next generation version A1000 regulator provides a distinct visual cue that you?ve purchased a genuine, Aeromotive EFI regulator, ensuring our valuable customers are not tricked into purchasing an inferior, knock-off or counterfeit component like so many flooding the market from across the ocean. On the street and at the track, A1000 regulators have logged more miles, laps and passes than any other performance EFI regulators in the world! High performance, adjustable EFI regulator designed for medium to high horsepower applications. This regulator features Aeromotive?s High-flow design, superb pressure control, and legendary durability. Engineered for A1000 class and smaller pumps. Gas, ethanol, methanol, and diesel compatible. 40-75 PSI adjustable base pressure range. 1:1 vacuum/boost reference capability. 1/8? NPT dedicated gauge port. (2) ORB inlet/outlet ports. (1) ORB return port.