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Bosch Super Plus (Copper Core) Spark Plug FGR 6 KQE - n7413

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Bosch Super Plus (Copper Core) Spark Plug

Bosch Super Plus (Copper Core) Spark Plug FGR 6 KQE - n7413


The Bosch Super Plus Spark Plug utilizes an yttrium enhanced copper core center electrode, making it one of the longest lasting copper core spark plug on the market - by 50% versus even OE plugs.

Bosch Super Plus also features a tapered, v-profile ground electrode for improved cold starts and better fuel ignitability.

Center Electrode Core Material: Nickel-Yttrium and Copper - Center Electrode Tip Material: Nickel-Yttrium - Ground Electrode Tip Material: Nickel-Chromium

Features and Benefits:

  • OE-Equivalent and direct fit application.
  • Heavy-duty yttrium-enhanced copper core center electrode.
  • Tapered, v-profile nickel chromium ground electrode.
  • Nickel-plated rolled threads.
  • Metal glass fused resistor.
  • Angular, five-ribbed insulator design.
  • Electrode gap is factory set and never requires adjustment.
  • Anti-seize and corrosion protection.

Bosch Super Plus Spark Plugs deliver quality performance based on technology that's proven on racetracks around the world in the most sophisticated racing engines