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Borg Warner OE Replacement New Turbocharger - 06H 145 702S

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Borg Warner OE Replacement New Turbocharger

Borg Warner’s highly efficient turbocharging technology meets the highest demands in performance, fuel economy and emissions.

Borg Warner’s range of turbochargers for gasoline and diesel engines consists of a broad portfolio of high performance and sophisticated turbo systems with waste gates, water-cooled bearing casings, and a new generation of turbines and impellers.

Features and Benefits:

  • High grade materials
  • Water-cooled bearing casings
  • Milled impeller wheels
  • Further developed systems for high temperature applications up to 1,050F
  • New generation of turbines and impellers
  • Different boost concepts depending on engine strategy:
    • waste gate and boost pressure control valves
    • variable turbines
    • twin flow turbines
  • Special design solutions such as integrated exhaust manifolds

Upgraded Turbo - Exhaust Manifold / Turbocharger Assembly