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Corteco micronAir® Activated Charcoal Cabin Filter - 8K0 819 439B

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Corteco micronAir® Activated Charcoal Cabin Filter

Corteco micronAir® Activated Charcoal Cabin Filter - 8K0 819 439B

The proven micronAir filters are designed and manufactured by Freudenberg and supplied to OEM's worldwide, making Freudenberg the market leader in Original Equipment cabin air filters.

Activated Charcoal Cabin Air Filters

Cabin air filters with activated carbon elements remove harmful exhaust fumes, dirt and dust as well as high ozone concentrations and unpleasant smells. Their pleat bellows consist of three layers: an activated carbon layer is sandwiched between two layers of non-woven materials. The filter layers are heat-fused, which means that glues or solvents are not used at all. Depending on the vehicle type, activated carbon filters are also available that can be used instead of conventional cabin air filters.

Features and Benefits:

  • State of the art filtration technology from the Freudenberg Group, the No. 1 manufacturer of cabin air filters
  • Range coverage for more than 600 vehicle applications including commercial vehicle bestsellers
  • Certified OEM quality guarantees a snug fit and trouble-free installation
  • Sales support, e.g. with filter displays and catalogues

Safety and protection for your customers' health

Clean, pure air inside the car is an important issue, not only for allergy sufferers. Thanks to optimized filter media, micronAir® offers all drivers effective protection, contributing to relaxed, safe driving.

  • Health: A high concentration of pollutants in the air can lead to fatigue, giddiness, headaches, nausea and allergic reactions. particle filters provide improved protection against pollens and dirt particles. Combifilters offer additional protection against traffic-related and industrial fumes, the irritant gas ozone, and against unpleasant odors.
  • Allergy protection: Our cabin air filters offer allergy sufferers and asthmatics protection against airborne pollens.
  • Comfort: The micronAir® combifilter provides protection against unwanted odors, e.g. from agricultural fertilizers, sewage plants, anti-freeze and cleaning additives in the windscreen washing water.
  • Safety: micronAir® cabin air filters help to ensure clear visibility and enhanced wellbeing for drivers and passengers, with concomitant improvements in driving safety.
  • Hygiene: Cabin air filters counteract soiling of the windows' inside surfaces, and also any soiling of the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems.
  • Savings: Regular replacement of the filters can extend the lifetime of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems.