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Delphi Direct Ignition Coil - (Coil on Plug) - GN10558

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Delphi Direct Ignition Coil - (Coil on Plug)


Delphi Technologies Direct Ignition Coil - GN10558

Delphi ignition coils feature precise spark timing response for increased fuel economy and faster crank-to-run.

The ignition coils provide accurate electrical energy to create a voltage potential at the spark plug, providing for superior engine performance that adjusts to driving and environment conditions. Plus, like all Delphi ignition system components, they enable engine management systems to maintain tighter control over emissions, economy and performance.

Features and Benefits:

  • Improved dwell accuracy decreases module and coil temperatures for greater reliability
  • Noise abatement material between laminations reduces audible coil noise
  • Cassettes have improved primary connector for greater ease of assembly compared to designs with one connector for each coil
  • Lower primary inductance provides high-speed performance
  • Early and precise electronic spark timing helps improve fuel economy and provides faster crank-to-run
  • Higher energy delivered to combustible mixture provides cleaner combustion to help manufacturers meet on-board diagnostics (OBD II) requirements
  • Direct connection to spark plugs (via small boot) eliminates spark plug wires
  • Composite iron coils provide programmable energy
  • Coil per cylinder dwell overlap electronics deliver better high speed performance and better heat dissipation compared to some conventional technologies
  • Coil per cylinder ramp and fire electronics decrease power dissipation and increase efficiency
  • Radio frequency interference (RFI)suppressor optional