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GKN Drivetech Premium Prop-shaft - 7L0 521 101H

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GKN Drivetech Premium Prop-shaft

GKN Drivetech Premium Prop-shaft - 7L0 521 101H

Each GKN Driveline premium prop-shaft is unique in its use, tailored, tuned and harmonized to match the precise demands of its application.

Prop-shafts consist of shafts, joints and bearing, and transmit torque between gearbox and axle in rear-wheel drive vehicles and from the transfer box to the front and rear axles in all-wheel drive vehicles.

Each prop-shaft - a unique, engineered product

Strength, stiffness, precision balance and low mass are the essential properties of prop-shafts in ensuring durability and minimum levels of Noise Vibration Harshness (NVH). Shaft joints and couplings also have to accommodate severe service loads, high angles and apparent changes in path length, due to relative displacement between axles and the gearbox in passenger cars, and the high shock loads commonplace in all-terrain vehicles.

The crash-optimized shaft

An innovation in vehicle safety engineering, the crash optimized shaft provides predictable energy absorption when required, or can be tuned to a required combination of load and displacement. For example, the tube can be designed to absorb a specific amount of impact load before collapsing to a predetermined length. Shafts can be produced in aluminum and composite fibre to provide energy absorbing characteristics, and CV joints designed with specific energy absorption features. GKN Driveline’s unique capability and innovative lead in crash optimized shafts ensures a safer and more comfortable driving experience

Features and Benefits:

  • Weight reduction through optimized material and joint selection
  • NVH analysis and tuning
  • Optimized high speed durability
  • Torsional stiffness
  • Crash compliance