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Mahle Thermostat Assembly

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MAHLE Thermostat Assembly

Intelligent control systems from MAHLE are used in millions of applications worldwide to provide needs-based precision temperature control.

Simple, effective, and tried and tested millions of times over: thermostat inserts from MAHLE provide meticulous regulation of coolant circuits around the world up to approximately 20 m3/h, and ensure ideal operating temperatures in light vehicles, trucks, stationary engines, and also agricultural and construction machinery.

Wax elements are at the heart of all MAHLE thermostats and thermostat inserts. These maintenance-free, durable elements have proved their worth in millions of applications. MAHLE, Manufactures a wide range of variants with actuating forces of between 30 N and 2,500 N, small or large displacements, and for a large number of regulation ranges within a temperature span of -20C to +130C.

Features and Benefits:

  • OE quality and design
  • Maintenance-free, durable elements
  • Provides meticulous regulation of coolant circuits

Behr’s product expertise transitions to the MAHLE Original brand

MAHLE’s recent acquisition of the Behr Thermo-tronik thermal management line will now join the MAHLE Original brand family. The superior quality and coverage known from Behr will continue on, and now will be backed by the MAHLE name.

Continuing brand unity is important with any acquisition, and the MAHLE Original brand holds many of the traditional retail market parts, including thermal management.