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Mahle Turbocharger - 36012378

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MAHLE Original Turbocharger

MAHLE Original turbochargers are manufactured throughout the world based on high-quality standards. Modern, computer-controlled production machines guarantee optimized precision to machine housing components made of aluminum and cast steel.

Turbine wheels are manufactured from high temperature resistant materials and feature premium cast quality and precision balancing. This is the only way in which they can withstand extreme conditions in the long term.

To comply with very high quality standards in turbocharger production, a team of product and process engineers are permanently deployed to continue development in production, assembly, and test processes, such as high-speed machining, joining technology, coating with fluid and solid materials, or balancing.

Features and Benefits:

  • High-speed compressor wheels - Provide greater balancing precision, optimized speed stability, and reduced running noise
  • Double piston rings on rotor shaft - Reduce oil consumption and enhance protection against foreign particles
  • Turbine housings made of high-tech materials - Achieve greater thermal stability and longevity
  • Functionally process-controlled center housing - Attain progressive balancing of the rotor shaft, enhanced running performance, reduced abrasion, and less noise emission
  • Electron-welded rotor shaft and wheels - Guarantee high strength