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Mahle Valve Cover Gasket - 948 105 933 00

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Mahle Valve Cover Gasket

Mahle Valve Cover Gasket - 948 105 933 00

Mahle is the largest gasket manufacturer in the world, providing you original equipment design and quality and world class aftermarket service.

Mahle does not just cut gaskets - it designs total system sealing approaches that utilize application engineering. This means that regardless of what application you are trying to seal, you can count on Mahle doing the research and testing to provide the optimum material and technology for that specific application - this systems sealing approach requires a variety of materials.

No other gasket manufacturer offers the Application Engineered approach to sealing an engine. A variety of different gasket materials insure an engine gets the optimal seal. All gaskets are not created equal - Mahle gaskets prove it every day.

Features and Benefits:

  • Original equipment design and quality
  • Utilizes OE equivalent or better materials