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MANN adsotop® Activated Charcoal Cabin Filter - CUK 3360

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MANN adsotop® Activated Charcoal Cabin Filter

MANN adsotop® Activated Charcoal Cabin Filter - CUK 3360

The MANN adsotop® combi-filter has an additional function, compared with the particle filter.

The activated charcoal layer embedded in the nonwoven adsorbs, like a sponge, harmful gases such as nitrogen dioxide, fuels and ozone into pores which are 10,000 times finer than a human hair.

Activated Charcoal Cabin Air Filters

Cabin air filters with activated carbon elements remove harmful exhaust fumes, dirt and dust as well as high ozone concentrations and unpleasant smells. Their pleat bellows consist of three layers: an activated carbon layer is sandwiched between two layers of non-woven materials. The filter layers are heat-fused, which means that glues or solvents are not used at all. Depending on the vehicle type, activated carbon filters are also available that can be used instead of conventional cabin air filters.

Features and Benefits:

  • OE Equivalent and a Direct Fit Application.
  • The MANN adsotop® combi-filter consists of a nonwoven-based particle filter media, an activated charcoal layer and a carrier media to improve stability.
  • Through the special pleating technique, the actual filtration area is increased without having to change the size of the filter.
  • Removes spores, pollen, particulates, bacteria, fungi, harmful gasses and road dust.
  • Laboratory tests confirm that up to 95% of dust particles and pollen are almost completely retained.