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Mishimoto M22 Thermostatic Oil Sandwich Plate

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The Mishimoto Thermostatic Oil Sandwich Plate is a lightweight, high-flow sandwich plate built from 6061 aluminum. It's used to add an external cooler to your vehicles oil system. The built-in thermostat prevents oil flow to the cooler until the engine oil reaches activating temperature, allowing for both a faster warmup at startup and extra oil system protection in cold climates. The included 185 F (85 C) thermostat can be replaced with a 160 F (71 C) or 200 F (93 C) unit, adding unparalleled control over your desired engine oil operating temperature. This Oil Sandwich Plate is designed specifically for M22 Stainless Steel Center Bolts and includes a 1/8" NPT plugged port on the side for an optional sensor or gauge as well as our Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty.