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Mishimoto Stainless Steel Constant Tension T-Bolt Clamp 4.09in.-4.41in. (104mm-112mm)

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Mishimoto?s Constant Tension T-bolt Clamps are the ideal choice for clamping hoses and couplers that see a wide range of temperature and where high clamping force is needed. This 4.09" - 4.41" (104mm - 112mm) constant tension T-bolt clamps takes the superior clamping force of our traditional T-bolt clamp and adds even more reliability. A spring on the adjustment bolt allows the clamp to expand and contract with temperature swings while keeping constant pressure on the clamped parts. Like our traditional T-bolt clamps, these constant tension T-bolt clamps include a locking nut to prevent loosening under vibration.Like all Mishimoto clamps, this 4.09" - 4.41" (104mm - 112mm) constant tension T-bolt clamp is backed by our Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty.