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NSK Wheel Bearing - LR0 41425

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NSK Wheel Bearing

NSK Wheel Bearing - LR0 41425

NSK guarantees the high quality of all of their products by repeated, rigorous bench testing, and other checks that take full advantage of their cutting-edge technology, which only the major bearing manufacturers can offer.

Features and Benefits:

  • Original Equipment Quality
  • Premium modified bearing steel
  • Optimized sealing systems
  • Specific roller and raceway profiles

Installation Note: Some bearings contain active wheel sensors. These wheel sensors normally work together with magnetic ABS sensor rings. These sensor rings have a magnetic north and south poles lying next to each other in its circumference. These magnetic poles must always lie opposite the wheel sensor. If, the wheel bearing is installed improperly, the system wheel sensor and magnetic sensor gear cannot supply a signal making the ABS system inoperable.