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NTN - BCA Bearings

NTN BCA Bearings Wheel-Bearing - WE60388

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NTN/BCA Wheel Bearing

NTN BCA Bearings Wheel-Bearing - WE60388

Application-Specific Engineering Design to ensure the correct fit, function and high performance of the wheel bearing. BCA supplies premium replacement bearings that meet or exceed the OE specifications.

Premium Quality Materials are used for forged steel rings, seals, precision cages, rolling elements and premium grease, to ensure that our customers receive a robust, durable product.

Seals are customized for each BCA hub based on application-specific materials & design requirements to minimize the chance of contamination and maximize bearing life.

Precision Cage on BCA bearings are designed to keep the rolling elements of the bearing spaced correctly. The cages undergo design verification and production validation testing to ensure high quality. Pre-Lubrication of all BCA wheel bearings with premium grease for your convenience. This is a major advantage so you do not have to worry about grease or seal application.

Features and Benefits:

  • For wheel bearings, BCA utilizes Forged Steel in the inner and outer rings that meets our stringent steel quality specifications to optimize bearing life.
  • For taper bearings, BCA utilizes Case Carburized Steel for heavy duty shock loads & longer life.
  • BCA is recognized as the leading manufacturer of case carburized taper bearings.

Installation Note: Some bearings contain active wheel sensors. These wheel sensors normally work together with magnetic ABS sensor rings. These sensor rings have a magnetic north and south poles lying next to each other in its circumference. These magnetic poles must always lie opposite the wheel sensor. If, the wheel bearing is installed improperly, the system wheel sensor and magnetic sensor gear cannot supply a signal making the ABS system inoperable.