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BMW Genuine Coolant - 1 US Gallon

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Color: Blue
Concentrate: Full Strength - Recommended 50/50 mixture with distilled water
OEM Approval: BMW/MINI
Volume: 1 US Gallon

Genuine BMW Anti-Freeze/ Coolant was designed to be compatible with BMW aluminum radiators and is nitrite and phosphate free to prevent excessive silicate build-up. Using Genuine BMW Coolant will help prevent excessive silicate gel build up, which may plug and restrict the cooling system and lead to more extensive repairs.

Genuine BMW Anti-Freeze/ Coolant fulfills the very high standards and requirements set by BMW to help protect the engine against freezing, boil over, corrosion, and excessive silicate gel precipitation.



(Blue) - OEM Approval: BMW Mixture: Full Strength - Recommended 50/50 mixture with distilled water.