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Sachs Suspension Strut Assembly, TwinTube Design - 439739

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Sachs Suspension Strut Assembly, TwinTube Design

Sachs Suspension Strut Assembly, TwinTube Design - 439739

SACHS Shocks and Struts are intelligently engineered to restore original handling dynamics while designed to meet the highest safety, comfort, performance and quality standards.

SACHS products have the best dampening characteristics with an application-tuned valve pairing longevity with superior comfort and control for vehicles in any road condition.

Features and Benefits:

  • TwinTube Design
  • DURABILITY - Micro-Polished Chrome Piston Rods: SACHS micro-polished chromed piston rods have been hardened for maximum strength to provide the longest service life. Our chrome finish helps fight rust while the low-friction surface effectively prevents seal leakage.
  • COMFORT & PERFORMANCE - Banded Piston: Our engineered polymer piston band immediately responds to suspension movements even at slow speeds. The piston band effectively seals the working cylinder allowing the valves to operate at 100% efficiency. Valves with a banded piston can be finely tuned for specific vehicles to consistently provide the intended comfort and performance.
  • OEM TECHNOLOGY - Low Friction Seal: SACHS advanced seal technology uses a special NBR rubber which is highly wear resistant and can withstand temperatures to 260 degrees F, keeping oil in , and contaminants out. Engineered with low friction movement in mind, out design helps maintain tuning characteristics.
  • PRECISE TUNING - Sintered Metal Valves: Our high quality valve design enables precise oil flow by using sintered metal valves. Tight tolerances and strength from sintered metal allow for precise tuning of compression and rebound rates that restore the original handling dynamics.
  • Endurance - Polished Working Cylinder: SACHS working cylinders are drawn to precise dimensions and polished ultra-smooth to prevent piston band wear. Our technology permits close tuning tolerances while reducing friction and heat for the utmost endurance.