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Wahler Thermostat-Assembly Includes Housing - 276 200 05 15

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Wahler Thermostat Assembly

Wahler Thermostat-Assembly Includes Housing - 276 200 05 15

Wahler is a provider of premium quality thermostats and thermo-switches in OE quality.

The varying applications and divergent technologies of the internal combustion engine call for thermostats featuring different operating characteristics and modes of operation. Therefore Wahler provides thermostats with a highly accurate coolant control.

Features and Benefits:

  • Strict quality control, and functional testing
  • Self-cleaning and self-aligning thermostat valve
  • Original equipment design provides exact fit and performance
  • Precise sealing edges reduce leakage and premature cooling
  • Temperature sensitive heat motor provides consistent valve response for smooth performance and precise engine cooling
  • Stainless steel assembly and springs are engineered for long life